Harness IoT to Multiply ROI

By: Charles Schapira & Tony Camell


The pressure to reduce production costs, improve labor efficiency, increase customer focus, and gain a competitive advantage continues to intensify. In order for manufacturing to gain a competitive edge, it is imperative for companies to consider the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and data acquisition. If your business is not already on this progressive curve, you are falling behind.


As we are expected to do more and more throughout our work day; having time to check on processes and machines has become a luxury. With limited resources, we are forced to wait for things to break down, run out, or stop instead of watching, listening and addressing issues before we are negatively impacted.

In our homes, our lights can tell us when they have been left on too long, our refrigerators tell us when it is time to purchase milk, our printer tells us when the paper is about to run out, and our cars tell us specifically what needs attention.

Today’s connected home lets us quickly monitor, inspect, and plan for the unexpected wherever we may be. This allows us to efficiently manage our time, be alerted, and take action the instant something happens.


What makes all this happen? Sensors! Sensors alone cannot communicate without the internet and even with the Internet, sensors still need to talk to you. The technology that allows sensors to have a voice is called the Internet of Things or the IoT. The IoT is being used all around us to keep us informed, track goods, and even keep us safe by letting us know who is approaching our front door. The possibilities are limitless.

As a consumer, using the IoT is seamless and simple, but how can you convert

something that doesn’t have sensors and the IoT into something that does? This is a common challenge in our work life. We are surrounded by processes and machines ranging from rudimentary to sophisticated, but only the most modern can actively communicate with you and almost none of them can communicate with each other to let you know, as a team, how everything is going.

Say your company just installed a brand-new machine to automatically cut product to a specific length. This new machine can tell you how fast it is cutting and how many cuts it has performed within a certain period of time. It also might even be able to tell you how much power it uses from moment to moment. However, this machine cannot tell you if the material it just cut meets your quality standards. It also cannot tell you if it has stopped working because it does not have any material to cut or if it has no place or outlet for the material.

An IoT sensor solution can let you know all of these things and more but there are a few questions that must be answered:

  • What kind of sensor(s) do I need?
  • How many sensors are required?
  • Where to do we place the sensors?
  • How will the sensors interact with each other?
  • How will the sensor data be stored and what actions are needed?

With these questions answered, technology can provide your machine a voice. Your machine(s) can tell you:

  • When the materials are about to run out
  • When the product is not meeting specifications
  • If the operation is about to malfunction or needs attention
  • If the goals are being met
  • How the machine is performing in comparison to other machines


At Core Insight Systems, we solve all your data acquisition and data presentation needs with cost effective solutions. We provide manufacturers the ability to improve throughput, identify production trends, capture data, and deliver meaningful

information to management and production employees. Our system’s ability to capture data leads to actionable analytics, immediate operator motivational feedback, and customizable event notifications. Root causes for underperforming machines and processes are quickly identified, leading to rapid and sustainable improvements. Best of all your ROI is multiplied in months not years!

Core Insight’s mission is to give every process and machine a voice and let them tell you when help or attention is needed. Let’s get more competitive by listening to that squeaky wheel instead of waiting for that wheel to break and create unexpected down time.

Whether you have a single production line or numerous interrelated machines, we can efficiently monitor all operational parameters. Leadership and all employees will benefit with our technology. Throughput will increase productivity will quickly climb, quality will improve and downtime will be reduced. Your bottom line will see immediate benefits. At Core Insight we help you find your efficiency!!!

To harness IoT to increase ROI and for your competitive advantage contact either Charles Schapira at 949-378-4642 or via email at or Tony Camell at 714-767-3944 or email to Please visit our website at

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